"Every time we received big awards, we weren’t able to celebrate [because] we thought we were unworthy of the awards and had lots of other thoughts. But then, someone told us to “just enjoy this moment.” I would like to thank that person and, (looks at his watch) 2013 November 22nd [in Korean time] 11:43:34, we will enjoy this moment, never forget this moment, and become EXO that always works hard. Thank you. We love you. EXO, saranghaja!"
- Suho’s acceptance speech for MAMA 2013 Album of the Year (via ggamjongin)
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C O F F E E 

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that eye contact…

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make way for the real dancing machine byun baekhyun…

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luhan trying hard not to cry

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EXOh my god you guys are so dumb

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Dumbaek in Running Man

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yixing’s cute little ramble after a few exo members were eliminated.

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in which exo members just leave baekai dying alone

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Kai wants to make a heart with Suho hyung~

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This is what happened at MTV EMA 2013.

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luhan’s face….

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Xiumin’s ideal type…


Eyes are important:



while dating they must hug (a lot):









Who can take care of him, who can give him comfort…




It’s Luhan, right?

-gifs not mine-

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don’t mess with jongin!

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